(A free toxicology encyclopedia offering articles and resources about toxic chemicals)

(Offers a list of common toxicants found in a variety of daily products)

Oil spill in Dalian, China

(Graphical display of massive oil spill following pipeline fire in 2010)

Chemical Pollution of the Oceans

(A research study showing the concentration of toxic pollutants in 7 oceans)

(A blog focused on protecting the living ocean)

Sustainable Seafood

(Seafood guide from the California Academy of Science Aquatic Biology)

Florida Sea Grant

(University of Florida based program that supports research and conserving coastal resources)

Food and Chemical Toxicology

(Organochlorine chemicals in seafood: occurence and health concerns)


(International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry research on mitigating arsenic pollution)

Australian Online Coastal Information

(OzCoasts provides comprehensive information about Australia’s coast, including its estuaries, coastal waterways and climate change impact)